Progress Reports

December 2019

The National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) is being finalised, to be delivered to the Australian Government in late December 2019.

The Plan brings together results from each of the 18 research projects and numerous planning investigations commissioned as part of the NCCP.

Download the December 2019 progress report.

December 19 carp report

September 2019

The National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) is entering its final months before being presented to the Australian Government in December 2019. Activities being focused on include: wrapping up the research program; consolidating research into issues papers for consideration by a variety of stakeholders; and development of the plan itself based on the research conclusions. 

Download the September 2019 progress report.

Sept 19 carp report

June 2019

In April 2019, the National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) held an event in Canberra to present a summary of the NCCP research program to its advisory groups. The research overview focused on biophysical projects commissioned as part of the NCCP research program, with updates about the other research to be provided later in 2019. 

Download the June 2019 progress report.

March 2019

The NCCP has now entered its final year, under the lead of a new coordinator.

Download the March 2019 progress report.

carp report cover March 2019

December 2018

The Australian Government has approved the extension of NCCP to December 2019, an additional year from the original December 2018 deadline.

Download the December 2018 progress report.

carp report cover Dec 2018

September 2018

Research continues with options being explored to use the carp biomass which would result from the virus release.

Download the September 2018 progress report.

carp report cover Sept 2018


June 2018

Research is well underway and the NCCP has been actively engaging with communities in a series of case studies.

Download the June 2018 progress report.


March 2018

The NCCP research program is in full swing, and the first round of community meetings is almost completed. This update provides some further detail on the research projects as they advance through their experiments and start producing preliminary results that address some of the key issues raised by the community.

Download the March 2018 progress report.


September 2017

The NCCP has been busy getting research projects underway and moving into our program of public consultation. Two independent advisory groups (science & policy) and two working groups (communications & operations) have been established to guide the process of delivering a plan at the end of 2018.

Download the September 2017 progress report.



July 2017

This early progress report explains the history of carp in Australia, the role of the NCCP, why carp are a problem, why a virus has potential, what other options have been explored, and what we need to know.

Download the September 2017 progress report.

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