Strategic Research and Technology Plan

The NCCP Strategic Research and Technology Plan (SRTP) will guide new research on carp control.

The SRTP builds on previous research, by articulating the answers Australia needs in order to develop effective carp control, particularly in relation to biocontrol. It has been prepared by the independent Science Advisory Group and provides a framework to structure and guide research under three themes:

  • Theme 1: Environment – addresses the key biological and ecological questions fundamental to carp control.

  • Theme 2: Communities – includes projects that seek to understand attitudes and concerns regarding carp biocontrol in communities across the species’ Australian distribution.

  • Theme 3: Informing possible implementation – supports projects quantifying logistics and the development of complementary carp control measures.

Priority Areas sit under each theme, relating directly to one or more research projects. Approximately $5.5 million will be invested in research. It is proposed that this investment be divided across the three themes: 60% environment; 15% communities and 25% informing possible implementation.

Details on the projects currently funded under the NCCP are shown on the Research Projects page. 

Successful integrated pest control programs require management and investment strategies that are capable of dealing with uncertainty (e.g. Shea et al., 2002).

A separate investment will be used to support our public consultation program.

Download the Strategic Research and Technology Plan.